Mindfulness Massage

A perfect, unique and different experience to enjoy a good massage is the Massage and Mindfulness. The combination of these 2 techniques can help many people to combat insomnia, anxiety, stress, depression, etc. Two pioneering techniques used in self-care and self-care that are increasingly spreading in psychological clinical practice.

By means of these two techniques we work the relaxation of the body mind correctly with the concentration in our own breathing, thus releasing the mind from any useless thoughts that may arise and which will arise at that moment by our mind. By focusing and re-educating our mind in a subtle, non-forced, soft and nonjudgmental way, in our own relaxation and inner peace with ourselves.

To this methodology also we add a technique of the corporal scanner that makes that we focus on the sensations that we experience with more intensity in the different zones of our body; Hands, arms, feet, knees, legs … without seeking an order, thus leaving the mind free and experiencing this bodily journey of satisfaction in our own being.

In the performance of this massage we will avoid strongly pressing the head, chest and / or feet, for this we will have previously planned with the patient the technique to be performed in what is going to base the massage since the technique of maneuvers will vary, mainly From the second session. It is important to take several massage sessions with mindfulness to notice changes.


The massage with Mindfulness favors the situation of being lying down because it is easier and faster to achieve the connection with oneself, becoming aware – mindfulness away from any distraction with our own being, thus making the technique refreshing and stimulating Applicable to any time and distress or difficult situation of our day to day, main reasons why I propose to combine massages with mindfulness.

Through this combination of massage we deactivate dysfunctional mechanisms such as:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • It limits the tendency to worry.
  • It just reacts impulsively.
  • It limits the influence of certain negative emotions.
  • It eliminates the limitations imposed by some prejudices, given the possibility of learning and developing our potential.

And we activate functional mechanisms like:

  • It facilitates concentration and attention in the present.
  • Facilitates choice of behaviour.
  • It facilitates a greater receptivity of the massage … etc.

It is important that the person who starts in this type of psychorporal work has notions or previous experiences mainly in massage, since in what refers to meditation, the only thing that has to be is receptive but without being in the expectation of how they go To go things “or” what comes next “or to the technique itself, so it would not have a successful reception of the massage and the technique itself.

The receiving person requires a full effort in the mental focus and a very good attitude in benefit to improve things and to experience feeling the sensations that are going to occur in the different zones of his body in an intentional way, although always from the direction Psychotherapeutic and functional.

Offer in massages there are several but in this experience body mind so special I invite you to experience it with me from your home, in a comfortable and comfortable environment or in the room.

If you want to live the experience of a massage with a mindfulness session on the coast of Murcia, San Javier and surroundings, like Sucina, Balsicas, Los Alcázares, … you can already make your reservation at Masaje Mar Menor.