Massages to prevent excessive sweating

There are several situations in which sweating can occur, mainly in the armpits, hands and/or back. These sweating situations can be problematic for those who suffer from it is called Hyperhidrosis. Although all people sweat not all people do and suffer equally.

What is the reason for excessive sweating?

Sweating can occur in many different ways, either because of excessive warmth, physical exercise, nervousness, anxiety or other conditions. This can lead to shame, fear or anxiety in people. With the massage and thanks to its multiple benefits that gives you massages you will discover a way to combat sweating in a uniform, healthy and constant way. We all deserve to receive a good massage so I am going to give you some?tips? of its multiple benefits.

When you come to ask me for an appointment, don’t hesitate to let me know of your excessive sweating situation, truly with complete confidence. Do not hesitate to ask me for anything, object, music, essence… or other things that you would like to be present while I give you the massage because it will be even more beneficial.

Don’t be afraid to let me know, the warmest room or even cover yourself with a towel. I am a professional health masseuse and I am used to dealing with many people of all kinds, with high, medium and/or low sweat, with nervous problems, difficult couple situations, stress at work, preparation for tests or in sports exercises, etc. So I’ll help you to do it more easily and fight it.

Massage, positive against excessive sweating

When we face difficult situations for the first time, our body is usually activated by triggering a mechanism of struggle and resistance, which causes the heart rate to accelerate and increase sweating.  It is not possible to prevent this reaction, but we can control it through relaxation techniques and trying to focus on breathing, getting comfortable on the stretcher, deep breathing and focusing on the pleasurable sensations we are experiencing. In addition, if you want, I would also teach you relaxation techniques with Mindfulness before, during and after the massage that would help you to feel better and better control hyperhidrosis, nerves, anxiety, stress and other paralysing situations in your accomplishments to achieve day after day. As well as techniques in positive thinking that would help you in all your life purposes and ultimately to be much better with yourself, putting even more LIGHT into your life.

In the 48 hours after a massage, it is necessary to be especially careful with hydration to ensure that all toxins released during the session are expelled.

If we are very stressed or tend to suffer from muscle contractures, it is normal to suffer a slight discomfort in the areas worked during the 24 hours following the session.

Do you like to receive a massage? In what other day-to-day circumstances can sweating become an obstacle? Thanks for reading my article, I hope it inspires you. I’ll meet you at Mar Menor Massage.