A massage to retrieve from Jet Lag

When we travel and change meridian, we change the time zone and our body just as our mind suffers a certain imbalance. Our internal clock is altered when traveling by plane at long distances across meridians.

The Tourist Class Syndrome

Additionally, it is linked to the Tourist Class Syndrome which is the stagnation of venous function generating fluid retention in lower limbs. We suffer leg swelling, fluid retention, muscle tensions during the trip, sleep disturbances and nutritional imbalances. Therefore it is advisable to take a good massage of circulatory and sports type with lymphatic drainage, in order to drain the coagulated areas and avoid the swelling effect.

That is why it is important to do it mainly in ascending order to favor the circulatory system and the blood supply, reaching the areas of the English to drain the lymph and activate the lymphatic system, thus obtaining light and relieved legs.

With this massage we will encourage the diuresis of the fluid retained as a result of the pressure of the airplane and stimulate the circulation of the limbs.

Regardless of the type of massage that is always taken always the fact of receiving a massage accompanied by a hot water bath followed by a change of temperature of cooler water after arriving at the destination country, we will benefit greatly to recover and adapt to the new schedule And climate change.

The recommended oils to use are with citrus essences mainly to orange, lemon and mandarin.

I personally always love regardless of the type of massage that is rosemary and / or mint.

Recommended massages against Jet Lag

The massages that are recommended to take are:

  • Free Massage: Special freestyle massage. The massage therapist has to tailor the massage treatment especially for you. It can be deep, relaxing, invigorating or invigorating, or a little of both, although that is always circulatory. Full body massage with stretching, doing main emphasis on massaging the lumbar area to activate * The kundalini or system, our body’s natural energy source.
  • Relaxing Back and Reflexology: It is the perfect way to activate the rest of the root and eliminate the pain of the back and neck that is produced by incorrect postures acquired in the airplane. With a combination of deep-relaxation techniques and a relaxing foot massage, the therapist will work on reflex points (reflexology).

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