Emotional Massage

Emotional massage is a natural therapy in which it can be applied to a variety of different natural, oriental and / or energetic therapies, as well as the different sensations that our body experiences during the massage by means of the check or scan of each part of the body.

A massage for the senses that starts from the client sees our ad or is recommended by a friend and calls us, thus opening a sense and arousing an interest in curiosity and the reception of new experiences, until you experience it.

This therapy works if the client is able to open up to new experiences and is open to delving deeper into the massage itself. Our sixth sense must always be in full attention in intuition to transmit energy and positivity in each of the body that we are working to be therapeutic. We must achieve a total connection with the client, in which the client feels full confidence with the therapist and feels that he is in good hands.

Environment Factors

As in any session prior to massage is important to take into account environmental factors that facilitate the emotional discharge in the client and achieve a brilliant therapy:

  • Soft aromas
  • Dim light and with some candle
  • Offering a tea or a relaxing infusion also eases the emotional stress brought by the client.

Any symptom witnessed in people is important to understand it as a call to our awareness that something is not right and is actually there to heal and heal our body. Anyone, even a child is able to perform or give an effective emotional massage because if given truly from and with the heart is totally therapeutic. Simply massaging, caressing without any concrete or defined maneuver. This is an EMOTIONAL MASSAGE.

Taking into account that it has to be pleasant smooth and not painful, so we would not do deep pressure, sudden maneuvers and / or friction. Being aware of what you would like done to you and would be pleasant to receive in you, such as caresses or muscle kneading with the palms and fingers. What is important is the intention, the good intention to want and benefit the client, always from the heart.

These concepts, intentions and ways of giving this type of applied massage differs from anti-stress massage since it has nothing to do. Emotional massage does not seek or have defined techniques, so any technique is valid and can mix types of oriental, siatsu, reiki, energetic massage … although that always always turns out to be totally pleasurable. Without causing physical damage at any time.

Activating Emotions

Thus we can activate energy points, chakras and making a natural way to regenerate the energy of the body, eliminating ¨negative energy- heavy load¨ creating and emerging positive energy highly activating our senses = EMOTIONS.

All emotion in the human body is determined as follows:


Stress, muscle tension and all negative emotion can produce alterations and dysfunctions in our organ system, immune system, etc. Such as anxiety, bruxism, sleep disturbance, headache, dizziness, weight gain or loss, decrease of our psychic and physical performance, sexual alterations, muscular pains … and a long list of alterations that could occur.

The body is our avvatar our refuge of emotions and sensations that bring out our feelings bringing us wellness, fullness, consciousness and QUALITY OF LIFE. Through our hands we access to energy points of our body very easily avoiding diseases, blockages and numerous problems of all kinds that can go to our body.

Knowing how to handle and regulate our negative emotions (be they resentments, inhibited emotions, unlived passions, etc.) does not mean repressing them and / or hiding them, but finding the balance between negatives (anger, pain, rage) and positives.

Finding an exact degree, a fair way, an appropriate moment and even choosing also the person with whom we allow ourselves that anger. By managing all this we will be able to develop an optimal EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE achieving a balance, inner peace and harmony with ourselves. We handle them not them to us. This does not block our ability to do things, to be and to be PLAIN in life. In this way we awaken and further develop our creative side.

Emotional massage in a natural, holistic and integral massage should never be performed in a single area. We must activate the energy throughout the body. The person who receives it must be in a comfortable relaxed posture in which he can find a connection with his body and can free his mind from any thoughts that come to him and feel the sensations thus awakened.

Posture in which he can realize the things that bother him, that hurt him and that he had not had opportunity to speak, that allows him to express them, to say them in a calm way. Little by little in this way the client is going to find himself, realizing that he is capable of “becoming” himself, becomes aware of his own being arriving at a time when he does not need that accompaniment and that endows All the internal resources necessary to solve situations and to develop in an autonomous form emotionally speaking.

Emotional massage in a natural, holistic and integral massage should never be performed in a single area.

That is why it would be beneficial to receive this type of massage in situations in which a person is: in a state of continuous anxiety, depression, situations that feel sad, fear and worry, unresolved duels, separations and / or divorces , In situations of release and / or pain, etc.

Benefits of Emotional Massage

The benefits that the EMOTIONAL MASSAGE affects you are:

  • Sensation of physical, psychic and spiritual integration.
  • Reorganization of postures
  • Peace and liveliness
  • Deep relaxation
  • Relief in the treatment of chronic pain
  • Release of blockages and muscular contractures
  • Enlargement of the angle of joint movement
  • Increased energy
  • Decreased anxiety and stress
  • Contact with repressed emotions that may lead to insights or new focuses of work with your usual psychotherapist or, as the case may be, with the body therapist.
  • It allows to complete in an ideal way helping to integrate difficulties that come out repeatedly in psychotherapy.

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