Different types of therapeutic massages

We’re going to review the different types of therapeutic massages.


This type of massage is indicated for people with difficult blood circulation, which needs to be increased watering and through massage are stimulated and open many lymph nodes, accumulated tensions, trigger points, fatty lumps… etc…



Indicated for people who practice sports almost daily and/or who are preparing for competitions, marathons or simply want to be in very good physical condition. These people need an energetic massage to activate circulation and prepare their muscles for high-performance exercises. In addition, they avoid injuries and if they had to heal them better (the deep transverse massage or cyriax massage is the technique that is normally used to treat sprains accompanied by ice application in many cases, for example).



This is the type of massage most applied due to its high advantages and benefits. Indicated mainly to prevent, relieve and eliminate muscle contractures, aches, pains, recover and gain elasticity, mobility. Activation of the blood supply, helps to make our functional system more active, it will pump blood from our heart more easily. It calms our mind and nervous system, to have a better homogenization of our muscles…

Within this type of massage that most closely resembles this type of massage is: Swedish Massage, Chiropractic, Reiki and Sensitive, among others.

In most of this type of massage, oils are usually applied to make the kneading process better and more effective. These oils must be special for vegetable body massage or body cream. It will be applied in clean areas. Relaxing music can be put on to help the client relax and make it easier for the massage therapist to manoeuvre, making it more beneficial. Massage with gentle movements, mostly in circular maneuvers, and use the fingertips as well.

The therapeutic massages develop pressure techniques on pressure or tension points and are intended for people with muscular and localized pain, tendon or ligament pain. Referring here at this point to the so-called “Trigger Points”.

This therapeutic technique is very effective for rheumatism, lumbago, osteoarthritis, muscular, dorsal, cervical and lumbar pain. As well as powerfully effective for sciatic pain.


This type of massage is indicated for people who suffer from a high level of stress or for very nervous people who suffer from stress.

Note* In all massages, an evaluation of the muscles, contractures and tension is made.

These evaluations are made by means of soft palmodigital rubbing, knuckles, percussion, bearings.

This way the area is prepared, the contracture is detected, the massage area is worked again and finally we give some neurosedating passes to relax the area.

In addition, during the massage I will rotate my shoulders, knees and arms with leg, knee and arm movements. For stretching and releasing the contractured areas of the body.

Thanks to the massages we heal our body with our hands. The type of massage will be applied to the client according to their pathology, even if there is no muscular pain or others a good massage always feels us phenomenal.

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