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Massages to prevent excessive sweating

There are several situations in which sweating can occur, mainly in the armpits, hands and/or back. These sweating situations can be problematic for those who suffer from it is called Hyperhidrosis. Although all people sweat not all people do and suffer equally.

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A massage to retrieve from Jet Lag

When we travel and change meridian, we change the time zone and our body just as our mind suffers a certain imbalance. Our internal clock is altered when traveling by plane at long distances across meridians.

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Slimming Massage in Summer

Reducing massage is ideal for the summer because of its numerous benefits to our body. It activates the blood and lymphatic irrigation, eliminates toxins and avoids the swelling of the body.

It is also used as a method to combat and eliminate fat accumulation of a specific area of ​​the body, such as glutes, abdomen, thighs. It favors the expulsion of accumulated toxins, it benefits the blood flow, better the digestive system and it helps us to calm our mind.

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Emotional Massage

Emotional massage is a natural therapy in which it can be applied to a variety of different natural, oriental and / or energetic therapies, as well as the different sensations that our body experiences during the massage by means of the check or scan of each part of the body.

A massage for the senses that starts from the client sees our ad or is recommended by a friend and calls us, thus opening a sense and arousing an interest in curiosity and the reception of new experiences, until you experience it.

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Mindfulness Massage

A perfect, unique and different experience to enjoy a good massage is the Massage and Mindfulness. The combination of these 2 techniques can help many people to combat insomnia, anxiety, stress, depression, etc. Two pioneering techniques used in self-care and self-care that are increasingly spreading in psychological clinical practice.

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